Go Baby Go! Harness Play Dates

UCF Go Baby Go! hosts harness play dates in our IMOVE lab and around the community throughout the year. The system provides body weight support to the child with mobility impairments; giving them the opportunity to freely engage with their peers and environment in an upright position, within the footprint of the system. 


UCF Go Baby Go! is currently accepting applications for upcoming Play Dates, so if If you know a child who would benefit from participating in a harness play date, click the Nominate a Child button below. 



UCF Go Baby Go Playdate!

Friday, April 21st 2017 from 10:00am - 12:00pm


If you have a child (infant - 5 years of age, up to a 60 lb. weight limit) who would love to play around in our portable harness system, please contact Darcy at darcydzurino@knights.ucf.edu for more information and details on our upcoming Playdate! You'll get to meet other families & kiddos from the Central Florida area and have an absolute blast! 




Come See Us!

Thursday, October 27th in Miami, FL!

We will be building cars for two special kiddos in Miami at the APTA National Student Conclave!


We are so excited about this event!

Save the Date!

September 9, 2016

We are pleased to announce our next Car Build Workshop will be Friday, September 9, 2016. 


We are accepting Sponsors who would like to help support this workshop by supporting the cost of a modified car for 10 lucky kiddos. 


Click here to learn more about sponsoring a car during the September Workshop!

Open for Business! 

    On February 1st, 2016, the UCF Knights on the Go Café kicked off operations with a grand Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

The Knights on the Go Café is a collaboration between the UCF Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Aramark Inc, UCF Business Development, the College of Health and Public Affairs, and Dr. Cole Galloway at the University of Delaware.  The café offers an innovative and immersive opportunity for individuals with motor impairments that incorporates both physical and vocation rehabilitation. 

Why use a harness?  The harness offers individuals a safe environment to practice mobility skills. This technology uses a support structure with a harness to reduce the work on the legs of the person in the harness while also catching them if they lose their balance.  In addition, the harness offers freedom of movement within the 10’ x10’ space. 

Café vs. Therapy Clinic – Individuals with motor impairments received physical therapy one to two times a week for thirty to sixty minutes.  While this treatment time is valuable in promoting the recovery of individuals, it is not nearly enough time.  The café offers individuals with motor impairments a high frequency and long duration intervention focused on recovery.  In addition to providing opportunities to improve motor skills, the café offers countless opportunities to practice communication skills, cognitive tasks, and social skills.

Research – Knights on the Go Café will not only offer individuals with motor impairments a unique opportunity to continue to work on their recovery but it will also serve a lab for research.  In an environment of decreasing resources for rehabilitation, it is critical that health care professionals research interventions for the promotion of neurological recovery.  The information gathered here at UCF will guide future decisions on the use of harness technology.

Knights on the Go! Café is one of the programs developed by UCF Go Baby Go!, an initiative of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. The mission of UCF Go Baby Go! is to provide innovative, accessible, and practical options to improve the lives of individuals with limited mobility. UCF Go Baby Go! is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, community outreach, and advocacy for children and adults with motor impairments.